Screenshot Utility, a Screen Capture Program

download screenshot utility, an easy-to-use screen capture program that sits in the Windows system tray

Capturing Screenshots

You can capture screenshots either by choosing the Take Screenshot command from the tray menu, or by pressing a predefined hotkey combination. By default, the hotkey combination is Ctrl+Alt+F12, but it can be changed in the Configure dialog.

After you press the hotkey or choose the Take Screenshot command from the menu, Screenshot Utility grabs the content of capture area (the entire screen or the active window), copies it to the Clipboard (if Copy to Clipboard option is set), and alerts you with a message or a sound.

If the Save Immediately option is on the program will immediately save the screenshot to the directory specified in the Configure dialog. The file name will be composed from a Base Filename, which is specified in the Configure dialog, a number that is incremented automatically after each capture, and a file extension that depends on selected file format (GIF, JPEG or BMP).

If you choose a Show Save As Dialog option the program displays a standard Save As dialog, and you will be able to choose the filename and the directory where you want to save the screenshot. If you press the Cancel button, the screenshot will not be saved.

By default, screenshots will be saved in your Desktop directory in JPEG format, and the filename will look like 'Screen02.JPG'. To change default directory, filename and file format, please use the Configure dialog.

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