Screenshot Utility, a Screen Capture Program

download screenshot utility, an easy-to-use screen capture program that sits in the Windows system tray

Entering the Unlock Code

The unlock code allows you to remove the time limit of the trial version. You must register Screenshot Utility to get the unlock code. After successful registration you will receive the code via email.

The unlock code is a long random-looking sequence of characters. When you receive the unlock code, please follow these instructions to unlock Screenshot Utility:

1. Open the email that contains the unlock code;
2. Copy the code to the clipboard (use Ctrl+C keys);
3. Run Screenshot Utility;
4. Right-click the Screenshot Utility tray icon in the right part of the taskbar;
5. Choose Register command from the pop-up menu;

You will see this Registration window:

5. Press the Paste from Clipboard button to enter the code into the edit box
6. Press the Ok button

That's all. Screenshot Utility is now registered and the time limit is removed. If you are having troubles entering the unlock code please contact us and we will help you to solve this problem.

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