Screenshot Utility, a Screen Capture Program

download screenshot utility, an easy-to-use screen capture program that sits in the Windows system tray

Tray Icon and Menu

Screenshot Utility resides in the Windows system tray area on the left side of the taskbar near the system clock. When you right-click the tray icon, a pop-up menu appears. Use this menu to access all functions of Screenshot Utility. Double-clicking the tray icon shows the Configure dialog that allows you to set options for capturing and saving screenshots.

Please note that both the menu and the tray icon become disabled when any Screenshot Utility dialog or window is visible or when capturing is in progress.

Screenshot Utility Tray Menu

Take Screenshot

Use this command to capture a screenshot. This command is equivalent to pressing a hotkey combination that triggers the capture. Screenshot Utility will grab contents of your screen and save it to a graphic file (JPEG, GIF or BMP). Use Configure command to set default filename, directory and a file format for saving captured screenshots.


Use this command to display the Configure Dialog. This command is equivalent to double-clicking the tray icon. The Configure dialog allows you to set options for capturing and saving screenshots like hotkey, default path and filename, capturing area, sound and message alerts and other options. See Configuring Screenshot Utility for more details on Configure dialog.


Use the Help command to display this help file.


This command displays the About Dialog. This dialog contains information about authors of Screenshot Utility, an address of program homepage, a technical support email address and a copyright statement:


The Register command shows the window that allows you to enter the Unlock Code that you receive after you register Screenshot Utility.


The Exit command closes Screenshot Utility. To run the program again, start it from the Programs menu.

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